Our commitment is to effectively address our customer requirements and we provides energy and sustainability services to make them more efficient, safe, reliable and sustainable. Energy is one of the major inputs for the economic development of any country. The world has seen rapid growth in energy demand & energy consumption continues to steadily rise all over the world. In this stage, we need to find ways to reduce energy consumption for a sustainable growth and safe operation. By providing energy audit, energy assessment, cooling audit, mandatory energy audit, PAT audit, process energy audit, compressor air audit, water audit etc we helps organizations to reduce their energy consumption and helps to reduce carbon foot print. Power quality assessments, harmonic audits, electrical system study, electrical reliability study, thermal imaging, earthing system review etc will helps to improve the system reliability and safety. ISO 50001, Measurement and verification, project implementation support ensures the sustainable energy reduction. Green building services, commissioning and retro commissioning, building energy audits etc helps to reduce building energy and water consumption reduction and improve comfort levels. We are always passionate to disseminate knowledge in the field of energy, safety and sustainability. We provide customized training for industries, NGOs and academia in the field of energy efficiency, electrical safety, green building, waste reduction, efficient operation of plants, measurement and verification and related fields. ,

Energy Audits & Assessment

Energy Audit | Power and fuel assessment studies | Equipment Energy efficiency study | Compressed air system study | Cooling audit

Measurement and Verification

Baseline study | Development of M&V plan | Saving verification | Continuous M&V

ISO 50001 EnMS

ISO 50001 Implementation support | Assessment for identifying KPIs, benchmarking and target | Documentation support

Data Center Assessment

Data Center is an IT infrastructure space where numerous servers & machine equipments are assembled in a such a way to collect, store and transfer...

Electrical Power Assessment

Harmonic audit | Power quality assessment | Voltage regulation test | Reactive power management of power networks

Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging of Electrical installations | Mechanical Systems | Thermal Systems (Boilers, Furnaces, Ovens, Insulation etc.)

Green Building

Green building consultation (GRIHA & IGBC) | Documentation support | BEE star rating | Training

Electrical Safety Assessment

Identifying electrical hazards to avoid accidents | Identifying areas of risk on electrical installations | Ensuring durability of costly electronic equipment

Energy Data Analytics

Initial assessment | Data visualization and reporting | Gap analysis and expert recommendation | Asset usage analysis


Energy efficiency and energy management training | ISO 50001 EnMS training | Electrical safety awareness training