The key element in any electrical safety system is earthing. Proper designing, commissioning and maintaining is essential for a safer working environment. But due to various reasons, many fail to maintain their earthing system as per the standards and requirements.

Why earthing is important?
  • Essential for the safe operation of the electrical systems/equipment.
  • Current will flow to earth in case of any fault which reduces the risk of accidents.
What we can do?
  • A complete inspection of the earthing system based on IS/IEC 62305 & NBC 2016.
  • Calculation of complete earthing system required for the premises.
  • Compliance checking with the existing system with a design
  • Measurement of earth pit resistance, earth loop impedance to determine the health of the earthing system.
  • Identification of faults in the earthing system
  • A report including recommendations and major observation to increase the reliability of the earthing system.
  • The best practices/standards to be followed for the efficient earthing system will be included in the report.