"Create A Sustainable Future With Green Building"

Globally we can see a tremendous increase in infrastructure development. As the sector is growing rapidly, it is very much important to concentrate in the preservation of the environment and move towards sustainable development. The massive increase in the use of environmental resources has contributed towards climatic change. To enable the construction industry sensitive the concept of Green Building was introduced. Green buildings deal with design, construct and maintain buildings to decrease energy consumption and decrease the negative impact of buddings on the environment and public health. Green buildings make minimum impact on the environment. It is operated in such a manner that it utilizes all resources efficiently.

Green concepts and techniques can help address national issues like water efficiency, energy efficiency, fossil fuel reduction, handling of waste and conserving natural resources. The infrastructure development needs to judiciously shifts towards sustainable living. Against this background certain green building standards are laid down to address the priorities.

Benefits of Green Building:

Green buildings can contribute to the reduction in water and energy consumption. The energy savings could range from 20-30% and water savings around 30-50%. Adopting green building techniques can also bring enhanced air quality, excellent day lighting, waste management during construction and operation, health and wellbeing of the occupants and the construction workers on site and lesser dependence on the usage of virgin materials.

Priorities addressed in Green Building:

Water Conservation, Handling of household waste, Energy efficiency, Reduction in usage of fossil fuels, Reduced dependency on virgin materials, Health and wellbeing of occupants are major criteria for green building certifications provided mainly by IGBC and GRIHA.

Consultation and certification for Green Building projects

  1. Training and consulting in green building design
  2. Facilitation of green building certifications such as IGBC
  3. Provides technical support for the green homes rating system
  4. Process guidance and administration including documentation support
  5. Environment-friendly materials or products research and recommendations
  6. Implementation support for renewable energy projects