Lightning Protection Assessment is basically the measure of risk of a lightning strike and probability of potentially injure someone or damages something. It estimates the lightening risks to the prerequisite according to International Standards requirements.

Lightning Protection Assessment

Our organization will get a holistic and thorough review into the lightning protection assessment. Our team will evaluate whole facility and submit a comprehensive report on:

1)      Site Survey and data collection of existing infrastructure, electrical/electronic systems against direct & indirect effect of lightning.

2)      Study of plant layout and Single Line Diagram (SLD) of electrical/electronic systems.

3)      Survey work includes following check points for the installed system

  • Checking of Lightning arrestors, down conductors and earthing system(visual check only).
  • Earth resistance value measurement on sampling basis.
  • Surge protection measures adopted for electrical/electronic systems.
  • Analyze, design, prepare and submit draft report based on site survey:-
  • Risk assessment of the site as per IS/IEC 62305-2: 2010
  • Threats of physical damage and human hazards and service loss.

4)      Summarization of inadequacies in the existing lightning protection system

5)      Recommendations to achieve IS/IEC 62305 requirement of lightning protection system

6)      Provide design and detailed bill of material, specification of the components

7)      Suggest maintenance practices for the lightning protection system.

8)      Submission of final report.