Trusted Partner in Energy, Safety and Sustainability
Trusted Partner in Energy, Safety and Sustainability
energy assessment, solution development, implementation & project management support, Measurement and verification, training, ISO 50001 implementation support
Team of Highly Experienced Professionals
Team of Highly Experienced Professionals
vast experience in energy audit, solution development, implementation support, M&V, ISO 50001, power quality and electrical safety
Global Experience
Global Experience
Our resources executed more than 350 projects in 11 countries and served many of Fortune 100 Companies
Customized Services & solutions
Customized Services & solutions
Flexible and customized solutions to improve energy efficiency, safety, reliability and sustainability.

Bigeta Energy is an ISO 9001: 2015 certified consulting and advisory firm which provides services like Energy Audit, Power Quality, Thermography, Electrical Safety , Reliability & Sustainability, based in Bangalore, India. We provide consultancy services in Energy Audits & Assessments, Energy Conservation, Electrical Power Assessment, Electrical Safety Assessment, Measurement & Verification, Thermal Imaging, Compressor Air Audits, Energy Data Analytics, ISO 50001 EnMS, Compressed Air Leak Audit, Data Center Assessment, Compressed Air System Audit, Green Building and Training.

We are a team of BEE accredited energy auditor, BEE Certified Energy Auditor, Energy Manager, Certified Measurement and Verification Professional (CMVP), ISO 50001 lead auditor, CEM Trainer (AEE USA), IGBC Accredited Professional(IGBC AP), GRIHA Certified Professional (GRIHA CP), Safety and power quality professionals committed to giving most promising solutions to customers to save energy and attain sustainability. Our resources successfully executed more than 350 projects in 11 countries, and helped many of Fortune 500 companies to improve their safety reliability and sustainability.


Focusing on Safety, reliability and Sustainability, Bigeta offers services and solutions that can reduce overall cost of operation. Our comprehensive solutions are focusing to give value.

Our services includeEnergy Auditing,  PAT Mandatory Energy Audit,  PAT Consultancy , Electrical Power Assessment, Harmonic Audit,  Electrical Safety Assessment, Electrical Reliability Assessment, Measurement and Verification,  Thermal Imaging, Energy Data Analytics,  Remote Energy Monitoring,  ISO 50001 Energy Management SystemGreen Building,  Project Implementation,  Compressed Air Leak Audit,   Data Center Assessment,  Compressed Air System Audit  Training.

Energy Audit | Power Quality | Thermal Imaging | Electrical Safety | Training| Green Building | ISO 50001

Energy Audits & Assessment

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ISO 50001 EnMS

Electrical Power Assessment

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Electrical Safety Assessment

Energy Data Analytics

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Offices, Hotels, Hospitals, Commercial Buildings, BFSI, IT buildings, Commercial Buildings, Data Center, Pharma, Ports, Townships, Golf Clubs, Highways

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