data center

Overview on Data Center :

Data Center is an IT infrastructure space where numerous servers & machine equipments are assembled in a such a way to collect, store and transfer massive amount of data. Safety and Reliability of data are major concern of data center for the organizations.

Why we need Data Center Assessment ??

Data center downtimes happen to every organization sometimes, 1.7 trillion $ has been lost by business due to data loss and downtime in 2014.

50% energy bills are due to inefficient cooling & power design, implementation & lack of maintenance.

Three major problems most IT organization experience in a data center :

  1. Overheating
  2. Power Problem
  3. Poor Cabling

Bigeta Approach:

Companies aspire to improve & review their data center can consult Bigeta energy solution technical and trained expertise for an absolute assessment. We do comprehensive review of all critical areas ie server room, system room, cable & network assessment, communication assessments as well as physical (mechanical, electrical) assessment of your data center. Data center assessment deliver key benefits i.e. improve efficiency which reduce cost, improve reliability the facility.

Data Center Audit & Assessment

Our organization will get a holistic and thorough review into the data center. Our team will evaluate whole facility and submit a comprehensive report on:

Scope of Work :

1. DRC Assessment

  • Assessment of power quality.
  • Assessment of Electrical System.
  • Electrical Distribution
  • Earthing System review and healthiness check
  • Earthing System review and healthiness check.
  • Thermography to assess hotspot in the system.
  • Rack temperature monitoring to detect any hotspots.
  • UPS Characteristics
  • Fire and Safety review

2. Quarterly visit, documentation review and reporting

  • We review all the preventive maintenance reports, operational procedures, and incident reports.
  • For 1-year, Quarterly review (4 Quarters) physical onsite inspection of the systems.


DC and NDR Assessment Report

  • A detailed report contains recorded parameters, thermal images, temperature mapping safety observations, suggestions to improve electrical safety and reliability.

Quarterly review Report (4 Quarters )

  • A review / progress report contains observations on action plans, preventive, and periodic maintenance reports suggestions to improve electrical safety and reliability.

Generally our approaches involve approximately 3-4 weeks, depending on the size and intricacy of your organization.