What is ESG?

ESG refers to the three key factors that measure the sustainability and ethical impact of an investment or company. Environmental factors assess how a company’s operations impact the environment, such as its carbon emissions or waste management practices. Social factors evaluate a company’s relationships with its employees, customers, suppliers, and communities. Governance factors examine the company’s leadership structure, executive compensation, shareholder rights, and transparency.

Why is ESG important?

ESG has gained significant importance as investors and stakeholders increasingly recognize that sustainable and responsible business practices are crucial for long-term success. Companies that prioritize ESG considerations tend to outperform their peers in terms of financial performance, risk management, brand reputation, and employee satisfaction. Moreover, integrating ESG principles into investment decisions can contribute to positive societal change by addressing pressing global challenges like climate change and social inequality.

Our Approach to ESG:

At Bigeta, we firmly believe in the power of responsible investing and sustainable business practices. We integrate ESG considerations into our investment strategies to generate long-term value for our clients while promoting positive environmental and social outcomes.

Environmental: We actively seek investments in companies that demonstrate a commitment to reducing their environmental footprint through initiatives like renewable energy adoption, resource efficiency improvements, or sustainable supply chain management.

Social: We prioritize investments in companies that foster inclusive workplaces, respect human rights across their value chains, promote diversity and equality among their employees, support local communities through philanthropic activities or volunteering efforts.

Governance: We carefully evaluate companies’ governance structures to ensure they have transparent reporting practices, independent boards of directors with diverse expertise, strong ethical standards embedded within their corporate culture.

Our Commitment:

We are committed to continuously improving our own ESG practices by regularly reviewing our investment strategies, engaging with companies to encourage positive change, and staying updated on emerging ESG trends and best practices. By doing so, we aim to align our clients’ financial goals with their values and contribute to a more sustainable and equitable future.