Carbon Accounting

An organization’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions across all of its upstream and downstream operations, goods, and services are systematically evaluated under scope 1, scope 2 and scope 3. In order to evaluate carbon accounting it entails measuring, characterizing, and reporting these emissions as per organized standard IPCC 6 , ISO 14064, NDC etc. Companies can obtain important insights into their environmental effect and make wise decisions towards reaching sustainability goals by undertaking a carbon audit.

Exactly why are carbon Accounting crucial?

1. Determining Emission Sources: Carbon accounting help companies identify the main internal sources of GHG emissions as primary data (company value chain) and secondary data (Not in company value chain). This knowledge aids in focusing emissions reduction efforts where they will have the biggest impact.

2. Approach of Targets: Following the identification of the emission sources, organizations can establish reasonable reduction goals by true fair audit data targeted towards Carbon reduction by renewable energy, Carbon labeling, carbon pricing, Carbon sequestration, Science based projects. These goals act as a baseline for tracking development over time.

3. Regulation compliance: Many nations have put in place rules requiring GHG protocol for companies to appropriately disclose their carbon emissions. Regular carbon audits are carried out to guarantee compliance with IPCC Assessment report-6, NDC document, IS 14064-1, IS 14064-2, IS 14064-3, UNFCCC to prevent fines or reputational harm and step towards climate control.

4. Increasing Efficiency: A thorough carbon accounting frequently identifies possibilities to optimize resource consumption and increase energy efficiency within an organization’s processes. Companies can cut costs while also lessening their environmental effect by locating inefficiencies.

5. Corporate Responsibility: Customers now want firms to operate sustainably and accept accountability for their environmental impact based on the corporate Accounting on equity and financial approach. Carbon accounting reveals a business’ dedication to openness, responsibility, and environmental care.

We are aware of how crucial carbon accounting are to advancing sustainable energy solutions. Our team of professionals specializes in carrying out thorough carbon accounting customized to the specific requirements of your organization. These are the services that we provide:

1. Carbon Emission Accounting and Reporting.

2. Identification of Opportunities for Carbon Reduction

3. Goal Setting and Strategy Development towards sustainability.

4. Existing System Monitoring and Reporting.