The key element in any electrical safety system is earthing. Proper designing, commissioning and maintaining is essential for a safer working environment. But due to various reasons, many fail to maintain their earthing system as per the standards and requirements. Protection devices like Surge Protection Devices (SPD) will not operate effcienctly without proper earthing.

The best way to create a safe electrical system is to ensure the whole system is grounded and the ground network is electrically continuous. Grounding the electrical installations is a smart and easy way to reduce electrical safety risk, as well as to protect against the very real possibility of having to deal with fluctuations in power supply. If you want to safeguard all of your important assets, whether at home or at the office, as well as look out for the health and safety of everyone around you, find out if your electrical system is grounded.

Why earthing is important?

  • Essential for the safe operation of the electrical systems/equipment.
  • Current will flow to earth in case of any fault which reduces the risk of accidents.
  • The earthing protects the equipment and personnel from high voltage surges and lightning discharge.

IEC 62305 and IEEE 142 standardizes recommends a single integrated earthing for a structure, combining lightning protection, power and telecommunication systems.

What is included in earthing system study?

  • A complete inspection of the earthing system based on IS 3043: 2018, IEC 62305, IEE 142 & NBC 2016.
  • Review of the installation and test report.
  • Review of maintenance procedures and records
  • Compliance checking with the existing system with a design
  • Measurement of earth pit resistance, earth loop impedance to determine the health of the earthing system.
  • Identification of faults in the earthing system
  • A report including recommendations and major observation to increase the reliability of the earthing system.
  • The best practices/standards to be followed for the efficient earthing system will be included in the report.