Retro-Commissioning is the process of improving the energy efficiency of systems or equipment in an existing building. Retro-Commissioning will help to reduce the operating cost, increase the occupant comfort and reduce the maintenance cost by analyzing the building's current performance and optimizing the operations. It can address the problems that have developed during the lifetime of any building. Other than problems due to aging, the troubles occurred during the design or construction can be also resolved with Retro-Commissioning.

Some of the common problems that Retro-Commissioning can resolve includes:

  • VFD running without proper feedback
  • Overcooling and overheating issues in AHUs
  • Lamps running even when enough sunlight is available
  • Improper chilled water temperature settings in chillers
  • Equipment operating at part load and consuming full load energy
  • Improper control settings and circuits and much more...

All these issues arise when the systems undergo operational changes throughout the year and lack of proper design or construction. The energy efficiency of all systems reduces with aging and the improvement in performance can be achieved by the thorough study of the operating conditions and requirements. Retrofit-Commissioning is a better solution to identify and fix the problems discussed above to reduce energy consumption and to improve the comfort level of occupants.