Compressed Air System Audit

Compressed air is generally called the fourth utility of Industry. Compressed air system acquires 10% of entire industrial energy use. Compressed air is most probably the expensive form of energy in the plant, because only 19% of its power are utilizable. Application of compressed air in industry ranges from simple handle tool used for cleaning to conveyors and various production machines. Compressed is an expensive utility as 80% of the input electrical energy goes into waste heat and thus optimal usage of compressed air through efficient system and components is essential. Also, it is very important for a proactive maintenance to be conducted regularly for the system to stay energy efficient.

Compressed air energy is wasted predominantly through compressed air leaks, artificial demands and inappropriate uses.

We provide the following services to improve your compressed air system;

  • Performance evaluation of Air compressors, to evaluate the actual quantity of air delivered and hence estimate the efficiency in comparison with OEM.
  • Verify the functioning of air dryers, receivers, filters and drains.
  • Pressure mapping, to establish the pressure drop across various system components.
  • Verify the pipe sizing throughout the system.
  • Survey the end use equipments to establish unregulated usage and artificial demands.
  • Identify compressed air leak locations from generation and throughout the entire system by employing ultrasonic leak detector.


Recommendations and suggestions to improve the efficiency of the existing compressed network through

  • Better control strategies in operating the existing air compressors.
  • Required maintenance of system components.
  • To reduce pressure drops and increase efficiency.
  • Selection of efficient and appropriate end use tools.
  • Correct sizing of pipes (if applicable) .
  • Reducing compressed air leaks.
  • Retrofit options to recover waste heat energy.
  • Suitable and cost-effective alternatives to compressed air applications.