Electrical Power Assessment-Bigeta

Power quality assessment

Power Quality issues can take many forms; harmonics, voltage hangs/swells, flicker, transients etc. Regularly the cost of power quality moderation is little contrasted with the expenses related to the issue itself. The issue of poor power quality is that it goes to a great extent unnoticed. The symptomatic results of poor power quality issues are regularly ascribed inaccurately to different causes.

Customer issues/Requirement-

Failure of equipment, Nuisance tripping, flickering of lamps etc.


Detailed measurement analysis and recommendation of solutions which may include UPS, voltage regulators, isolation transformers, harmonic filters etc.

Poor power quality is caused by:

1) Harmonic distortion and voltage fluctuation.

2) Low power factor

3) Power electronic loads like variable speed drives, CNC machines etc.

4) Inadequate wiring design and undersized circuits

Harmonic audit

As industries are trying to automate their various processes to expand control over operations and save money on energy, the utilization of electronic equipment has likewise increased at the same time. The utilization of devices for example, variable speed drives, rectifiers, and various other power electronic equipment cause harmonics and transients in the system regularly ascribed inaccurately to different causes.

Customer issues/Requirement-

Mandatory requirement from EB/supply companies, penalty due to high harmonics, overheating/failure of equipment's


Measurement of harmonics is measured to check the harmonics level and analyze based on IEEE 519-2014, CEA guidelines and suggest suitable solutions for harmonic mitigation

Harmonics, one of the dangerous power quality issues, affect the operation and life of critical equipment in a facility. Harmonics also destabilizes the grid and affects users connected to the grid.

The impact of Harmonics in a system includes:

1) High current to flow in neutral conductors

2) Motors and transformers running hot, shortening their lives

3) Increased susceptibility to voltage dips, potentially causing spurious resets

4) Reduced efficiency of a transformer or a larger unit is required to accommodate harmonics

Voltage regulation test

Customer issues/Requirement-

Failure of electronic/IT equipment's, tripping of circuit breakers etc.


Measure and analyze long-term voltage fluctuations as per (study as per EN50160)

Reactive power management

Customer issues/Requirement-

Penalty due to low PF, demand optimization


Analysis of reactive power in the system and recommend suitable solutions which will help to reduce demand charges, energy charges in case of kVAh billing and system losses